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el Mar Sep 15, 2020 5:25 pm
Magnetic whiteboards are no longer a rarity, we often come across them in the office, in educational, school and preschool institutions, many of us have this useful attribute at home. Almost no training, seminar or presentation is complete without it, because the board is a great way to demonstrate materials clearly, fast and convenient.

It is easy to draw a formula, diagram, graph, diagram on the board, attach a photo or a card with a magnet, then brush it all off in the blink of an eye, in order to make new inscriptions and place new papers in a second.

The correct marker for a magnetic whiteboard
The white magnetic whiteboard is practical and durable, but only if it is properly used and carefully maintained. To make the board serve you faithfully for many years, choose high-quality consumables, buy and use special markers.

Manufacturers of magnetic whiteboards strongly recommend the so-called board markers (board, white-board), which have all the necessary properties:

The dye has a water base, it is environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
The special composition of the ink prevents them from spreading on a vertical surface, they dry quickly, the inscriptions retain their color saturation for a long time.
You can clean the whiteboard from the inscriptions with the built-in eraser, a dry sponge or even your palm. Fine dust, which after drying turns into a trace from the board marker, is removed without the slightest effort.
The tip of these markers is made of a special durable and elastic material of medium hardness, it does not scratch the delicate surface of the board, does not creak, does not leave stains or streaks.
A teardrop or round shape of the rod is the best option for board markers. The inscriptions made with a rod of this type are as clear and expressive as possible.
Multi-colored acrylics , including fluorescent, inks help to set accents and highlight the main idea, make the presentation brighter and more memorable.

The use of markers that are not intended for this purpose in the work with a magnetic marker board may damage the board. And if, through ignorance or by mistake, you drew the diagram with the "wrong" marker, you will have to make some efforts to restore the purity of the accessory surface.

How to clean a marker from a whiteboard
If you have an annoying oversight, and now you do not know how to clean the whiteboard from the marker, try one of the following methods:

Hydrogen peroxide - Apply the liquid to the soiled board surface and after a few minutes wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Remove the remaining streaks with a dry paper towel. Remember that fresh stains are removed much quicker, so don't hesitate to clean your board!
Isopropyl or any other alcohol - soak a sponge in it and rub the dirt on the magnetic board vigorously. If the dirt is old and stubborn, drop alcohol directly on it so that the stain is completely covered, and let it stand for a couple of seconds, then wipe off with a dry flannel.
Acetone or nail polish remover - moisten a cotton swab and wipe the surface. When working with flammable substances, be aware of the safety rules and stay away from open flames, do not throw used tissues into the fireplace, etc.
Dry erase marker - simply paint over the permanent marks and erase as usual. The procedure may have to be repeated several times, but the effect will certainly appear.
Colorless universal shoe polish - apply, wait a few minutes, remove with vigorous polishing strokes. The contaminated area will not only become snow-white, it will also sparkle like new.
White toothpaste also copes well with this task, however, you need to be careful in choosing a brand: it is better not to use one that contains abrasive substances. Apply it in the same way as the previous remedies.
Hairspray or Deodorant - Spray the spray onto the dirty board and wipe off with a tissue until it's dry.
Mixture of water and vinegar - Make a solution of 100 ml of water color and 5 ml of vinegar, dampen a towel in it and treat the surface of the whiteboard, then wipe dry.
Blend of water and baking soda - Make a paste with one teaspoon of baking soda and half a teaspoon of water. Apply the substance to the stain and let dry. At the moment of wiping with a damp cloth, the remaining soda will come off along with the stain.
Car wax or WD-40 - if you are a motorist, then you probably have these tools at hand. Feel free to use them to clean the board, and it will not only be cleaned of dirt, but also acquire its original gloss.
Hand sanitizer - apply the gel to a cotton swab and scrub the surface, if it is a spray, spray it on the areas to be treated. Wipe off any residue with a dry paper towel.
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